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Jewelry has been worn for tens of thousands of years, sometimes placed around the neck, fingers or head and sometimes inserted into piercing in the ears, nose or other parts of the body. In the past, such jewelry could show the wealth of the wearer or his social stature. A king would wear crowns of jewels while a slave would be permanently pierced to display a symbol of his owner. Members of a clan or tribe might use precious metals or gems to identify themselves as family. Today, jewelry is a display of fashion. And, as with the clansmen, it also indicates whether the wearer is a member of a clique or a follower of a specific pop star or style of music. Often the modern “clan” member wears body jewelry to show off his good taste.

Acquiring Body Jewelry

Having a part of your body pierced is a commitment that can usually only be detected when enhanced by jewelry. If the jewelry is intended to convey a message, the choice of jewelry is quite an important decision. Fortunately, the selection of body jewelry is extensive, thanks to Internet shopping. Jewelry can be expensive and if intended for a body piercing, penny pinching can result in a nasty infection. To make good jewelry more accessible, consider wholesale body jewelry.

Internet vendors that specialize in wholesale body jewelry can offer a wide selection in style, material and price. As always, when shopping on the Internet, check with the Better Business Bureau and search forums for complaints. Ask friends with similar taste for recommendations before getting involved with wholesale body jewelry buying. The huge selection, latest styles and great bargains can tempt you to throw caution to the wind.

Wholesale Body Jewelry Buying

If you are lucky enough to live in or near a large city, you may find a wholesale body jewelry supplier in the jewelry or art district. If so, you can handle the jewelry and examine the quality before buying. Otherwise, you need to obtain some education to shop on the web. Find several reliable brands and then locate the wholesale body jewelry vendors that carry them. Make sure that you understand the purchasing rules for the site of your choice. Some wholesale body jewelry vendors require a minimum purchase or limit the means of payment.

Usually, a wholesale body jewelry vendor site is set up for the professional resale trade. That means that there will be few explanations of professional terms. Make sure that you understand which metal grade and type you want before trying to decipher the terms online.

If you’re into body jewelry, you may find that with a little preparation, wholesale body jewelry will help you expand your wardrobe affordably.





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