What About Titanium Jewelry?

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All types of metal can be used in jewelry, either in a nearly pure form or as part of an alloy. Modern techniques can bring out the beauty in any metal and make it safe for the wearer and secure for any gem stones that are part of the piece. Currently, popular styles include titanium jewelry.

Titanium Advantages

Titanium jewelry made of high grade metal is virtually indestructible, light weight and has shown no harmful effects to the body. Unlike the softer gold, titanium is one of the strongest of all metals used for jewelry. Unlike nickel, there has been no evidence of allergies or skin discoloration. It is comparatively inexpensive. The color is similar to silver or white gold and is attractive for both sleek masculine jewelry and embellished feminine pieces. It can also be colored for an interesting effect.

The non-allergic quality of titanium jewelry makes it popular for use in body jewelry. The popularity of body piercing for jewelry has increased its use. Whether in finger rings or in pierced tongue jewelry, titanium has never been more popular.

Purchasing Titanium Jewelry

Titanium has several grades which have different qualities. As with all jewelry purchases, start with a vendor that you trust. If you have any doubt about the vendor, check with the Better Business Bureau and your state’s attorney general’s office to find out about any complaints lodged against the business. If shopping online, check forums for comments from customers. A simple search in a search engine will return good information. Ask your friends about their experiences in buying titanium jewelry for good recommendations.

Titanium Jewelry Safety

The need for hypoallergenic materials in jewelry used in pierced body parts has made titanium jewelry very fashionable. From eyebrow rings to tongue barbells, titanium jewelry is easy to find. If you are looking for jewelry to be used in this way, familiarize yourself with manufacturers and vendors to find the most trustworthy pieces. An infection is easier to prevent than to treat.

A warning about a danger in titanium rings has circulated. The story is that emergency personnel don’t have equipment to cut a titanium ring from a finger safely in case of an accident. Not surprisingly, this is an urban legend. Firefighters and emergency room attendees are equipped with cutters that will penetrate titanium jewelry as easily as any other kind.

With a bit of education, it is easy to acquire titanium jewelry that will last for ages of fashionable, functional wear.





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