Buying Pearl Jewelry Is Not Always Easy As It Sounds

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Japan and China are the leaders in the production of cultivated pearls, and have been so for a very long time now. India too has its share of presence in the market when it comes to pearl jewelry. Hyderabad, a beautiful metro that bears quiet testimony of the richness of the sultans who ruled the city many hundreds of years ago, is also the cradle of pearl jewelry in India.

Real Pearl Jewelry Is Not Very Easy To Recognize Against the False Ones

If you think that all you have to do is walk into a shop, ask for a pearl string or earring, pay and come out – you are mistaken. As you enter the shops in Hyderabad India, you will find thousands of different types of shapes, color and sizes of pearls. The black pearls that are so much in demand in other countries, are readily available in the shops but without any takers.

There you will also find exquisite strings of rice pearls (pearls that look exactly like rice when seen separately), and huge white, black and pink pearls that can be used for rings and earrings, and so on. As if the variety was not enough the price tags too will be highly confusing. The prices vary from as little a few cents to $500 per one string of pearls. One important guideline in this context is that the higher the price, the more unique will be your pearl(s).

In India there is the belief that wearing pearl jewelry gives one peace of mind and happiness. Hence, you will find almost every woman in India has one or other manifestation of pearl jewelry on her. The most common is the finger ring and a chain in which pearls are interlinked with gold.

The important matter before buying any pearl jewelry in India is to make sure that the said jewelry is genuine. This is why tourists (both Indian and foreign) are always requested not to pay attention to street hawkers while purchasing pearl jewelry. The best buys will always be from Government or big brands shops who will also give you an authentication certificate for every purchase of genuine pearl you make.

This is the safest way to ensure that you are paying for good quality pearl jewelry. Many, who ate tempted to buy pearl strings for a fraction of the price quoted in the Government shops, will find themselves carrying a lot of junk back home.

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