Creating Your Own Jewelry Display

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Whenever you get a great piece of jewelry, when you’re not wearing it, you often want to display it for all to see. To display your jewelry, you’ll want to get some sort of jewelry display case. You can find jewelry display cases wherever jewelry is sold. After all, go into any jewelry store and you’ll see that they’re experts at displaying jewelry. If you need help, ask one of the workers who work at the jewelry store. Displaying jewelry is part of their daily job and they’ll likely be more than happy to help, especially if it means making them a sale.

When creating a good jewelry display, the first thing you need to consider is the size of the display case and where you plan to place the display. The size of the display case is dependant on how many pieces of jewelry you want to showcase. If you only have a few pieces of jewelry, a small display case is fine. If you have many, you’ll want to go larger. You’ll want to watch out for crowding. Each piece of jewelry should have at least a half to a full inch space between each item, to make them easier to see.

Placement Of Your Display

The placement of your jewelry display case is important, especially if there’s going to be a lot of traffic or small children around the case. If there’s a lot of traffic, you’ll want to display your jewelry case on a high shelf that’s easy enough to see but not as easy to knock down.

If there are going to be small children around your jewelry display case, you might want to opt for plastic. A plastic case can look as good as a glass case if it’s kept clean. Of course, a glass cases will last longer but not if it’s knocked down.

Display Decoration

To display your jewelry correctly, you should decide how you want to decorate the inside of the case. You can decorate the inside with a material such as felt or a pillow-like material that will greatly accentuate your already beautiful jewelry.

Displaying your jewelry is a great way to showcase it when you’re not wearing it. It provides an alternative to sticking it in some box when it’s not in use. It looks great as an accent to your home décor and provides conversation fodder during parties. Just be careful that you’re not too brazen with your most expensive pieces. You don’t want to invite people who can’t be trusted to help themselves to your great collection of jewelry.

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