Being A Jewelry Designer

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The Creativity Of Jewelry

Many people in today’s competitive business world find it hard to use their creativity in their present occupation. That’s because they have to answer to a boss and they are limited to what that boss has them do. Most jobs don’t allow for much creativity and most bosses don’t care if you can write poetry or sing beautiful songs. However, if you really have a knack for creativity, then you should try you hand at designing jewelry. With jewelry design, you can do it on the side for a while until you get good enough to make it a business. A jewelry design business would allow you the chance to create the jewelry you have always dreamed of. Being a jewelry designer is also a great way to showcase your creative talents and the best part is that it is a career that allows you to use your creativity to its fullest potential.

How Do You Get Started?

To be a jewelry designer, you’ll need to start with materials. You can start by buying jewelry kits at any hobby or craft store. The kits come with easy directions will give you an idea how the jewelry is made. Of course, you could buy all the materials your self and just wing it but most of the time it’s better to start off with some sort of direction by someone who knows what they’re doing. These kits are great ways to learn the ropes before branching out on your own. Plus, with these jewelry design kits, there’s no limit to the kinds, and the number, of jewelry you can make. Once you get it down to a science, then you can branch out on your own as a jewelry designer.

Once you have your jewelry designed and have several showcase pieces, you can start by offering them to friends. Friends and family are the best indication of how your designed jewelry will be received from the general public. If your friends and family love the jewelry you design and if they take to wearing it, that’s a good indication that others will want to buy it, too.

At this step, you’ll want to start marketing your jewelry design business. You can make business cards or flyers that showcase your talents. These can be made at a copy store or you can even make them yourself on a personal computer. Hand these out to friends to pass out or go door to door if you’re really ambitious. Marketing will only succeed when you hit a large percentage of the population. However you can, get the word to as many people as you can that you are a jewelry designer and would love to design jewelry for you and your family and friends.

Or, you can start your own website. A website is a great way to place pictures of the jewelry you design. You can even set up an E-commerce account that allows people to buy directly from your site with a credit card.

However you decide to market, the more people that know you’re a jewelry designer the better it will be for your business. The best part is that you’ll have fun doing what you do and you can make great money at it as well. At first, designing jewelry might not pay the bills but if you keep at it then you can enjoy a great career doing what you love.

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