A Short Guide To Jewelry Cleaner

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A jewelry cleaner can take many forms, and you have to determine what type of cleaner is appropriate for the specific item you need to have cleaned. Professionals at jewelry shops can clean any type of jewelry you may have, but sometimes it may be a hassle to take your piece to the jewelry store.

There are definitely risks associated with some types of jewelry cleaner, especially since some types of jewelry may be harmed by one type of cleaner. If you plan on cleaning your jewelry at home, you need to read all of the instructions and make sure you are using the appropriate cleaner for you jewelry.

Types Of Jewelry Cleaner

Diamond wedding rings are probably one of the most common pieces of jewelry that routinely need to be cleaned. Since a wedding ring is on the hand most days, for the entire day, it goes through a lot of dirt, cooking and cleaning through the day. In addition, the actual metal that holds the diamond on the ring itself can hold dirt, grease and other materials. Cleaning your ring can be as simple as using a toothbrush on it. Sometimes the dirt builds up enough that you will have to use a jewelry cleaner to clean it thoroughly.

There are several options for cleaning your jewelry at home. Jewelry cleaners come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and can include ultrasonic cleaners, simply scrubbing the piece with ammonia-based cleaners, or even immersing the jewelry in jewelry cleaner you can buy at any discount store.

It is important that you get the right jewelry cleaner for your specific piece of jewelry. Ultrasonic cleaners cannot be used on opals, tanzanite, amber or any other gemstone that has a tendency to have a lot of small breaks in the stone itself. Another common item, class rings, are often coated with a substance to make them less shiny. Some types of jewelry cleaner can remove this coating quite easily. In addition, many gems such as emeralds and pearls are soft and permeable, and some types of jewelry cleaner can eat away at the surface of these pieces.

Use common sense when choosing jewelry cleaner, and make sure to read all of the instructions, especially if your item may be damaged by the jewelry cleaner. If you still don’t’ feel comfortable cleaning your jewelry at home, take it to a professional cleaner at a jewelry store. After all, they should be fairly knowledgeable about all types of metals, gems and stones.

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