Fun Family Craft Idea: A Child's First Jewelry Box

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Perhaps you have a little girl or niece that is just begging you for a jewelry box all her own. However, before you succumb to her wishes, consider another option. Why not help her make a jewelry box all her own? That way the box will be almost as special and unique as she is.

Gather The Materials

Don't worry; making a child's first jewelry box is a fairly simple project that doesn't need very many things. In fact, just about everything you need, except for a child's imagination, can be found at a local craft store. The items needed for this project include a small wood box, some glue or rubber cement, a pair of scissors, a piece of material about a square foot in size, paint markers, beads, or whatever else you and your young artist deem worthy of this unique jewelry box.

Step One: Preparing The Jewelry Box

The first step in creating a jewelry box with a child is to make sure that the wood box is free of any splintering edges or corners. Most craft stores are great about providing wooden boxes that are free of rough edges, but it never hurts to sand down the edges with a piece of sandpaper. Just make sure that you sand in one direction; it's also a great way to teach the young crafter about the proper sanding techniques

Step Two: Lining The Inside Of The Jewelry Box

Remember the piece of material that I had you purchase? Well, in case you didn't realize it, that piece of material was to create the lining of the jewelry box. Using the box as your guide cut the material so it lines the inside of the box and the lid. Make sure it covers both the bottom and the sides. Once this is done, have your daughter or niece glue the material to the inside of the box under your supervision. Now, while the glue is drying on your jewelry box, take your young accomplice and gather the things together for the final step.

The Final Step: Decorate!

This final step is where you let your little Picasso shine. Take the jewelry box, place it on a series of newspapers, open up the paints, grab the beads, markers and glue, and allow your little artist to decorate the jewelry box in her own individual style. Will the process be messy? Of course it will. That's half the fun. But once the paint and glue dries, you'll be presented with a jewelry box that is almost as special as the young person who helped you create it.

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