The Life Of A Jewelry Appraiser

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Making a living as a jewelry appraiser can be an interesting, if sometimes tedious profession. The wide variety of jewelry an appraiser may see over the period of a year can vary from simple to fantastic, from cheap to top of the line.

Often, the only time anyone considers using a jewelry appraiser is when an appraisal is needed for insurance purposes or because of a death in the family. Also, if there is a nice piece of jewelry that needs to be sold, a jewelry appraiser can help assess its value and even offer certain guarantees regarding the piece.

Basics Of Jewelry Appraisal

When someone brings in a piece of jewelry to a jewelry appraiser, there are quite a few things the jewelry appraiser will assess in regards to the item. The jewelry appraiser will usually begin by weighing, measuring, and cleaning the item. Then, a detailed description of the piece is written down.

Depending on the types of stones in the jewelry, the jewelry appraiser will assess what type of gemstone it is, and will then move on to grade, measure and weigh the stone. If the gemstone is a colored stone, such as an emerald, the jewelry appraiser will issue a certificate stating the characteristics of the stone and its authenticity. Along with this, the type of metal in the piece is determined. This can be anything from gold to platinum to copper or anything in between.

Diamonds can often be in a class all their own. When diamonds are involved in a piece, the jewelry appraiser will fill out a certificate of authenticity, which includes the color of the diamond, its clarity and the way it is cut. In addition, the internal features of the diamond are mapped out. In addition, some jewelry appraisers can take a laser picture of the diamond’s brilliance pattern, which is basically a diamond fingerprint since no two diamonds have the same brilliance pattern.

In the end, you will have an appraisal stating the features and characteristics of your item. It should also include an explanation of what specific grading system was used. Perhaps the most important part of the appraisal, the value, will also be included, as well as how that value for that particular piece was arrived at.

Jewelry appraisal is a fascinating and somewhat mysterious science. If you find a good jewelry appraiser, the depth of knowledge they will have is rather astounding. You might even want to think about appraising your jewelry before it is stolen or damaged so you have some kind of information to give to the insurance company.

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