Indian Jewelry - The Most Exquisite Thing In The Whole World

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Indian jewelry has been known for quite some time in the international market as one of the most exquisite jewelry existing on earth, particularly in context of gold and silver ornaments.

Indian Jewelry Is Synonymous With Precious Stones

Most of the tourists who visit India end up in Jaipur in Rajasthan where they are very dazzled by the wild array of precious and semi-precious stones. The cost too, is reasonable compared to the international market – hence making the purchases as value-for-money buys.

Other equally exquisite jewelry is fashioned in either gold or silver as lace. This style of jewelry is typical to India and it is in very high demand globally. You will also find a combination of precious/ semi precious stones and horn, bone, seashells, copper, wood, ceramic, glass and many other such materials.

In the American continent, the Indian jewelry was mainly used the Red Indians as currency. They had discovered that gold was precious to outsiders and they very soon learned to negotiate with traders who sailed from other continents – such as Spain and Portugal – with the help of gold.

Today, the Indian jewelry coming from India is very much in fashion. India, in fact is the highest gold-purchasing country in the world. The intricacy of the designs of the Indian jewelry is unmatched until date. While the Indians themselves still prefer gold to any other material when it comes to jewelry, tourists prefer the stone settings in silver. The cost, availability and the fact that it is indeed extremely beautiful, makes it a hot favorite with all the foreigners who visit India during their holidays.

Running very close on the second place, there is the beaded Indian jewelry that is again high in demand globally. Maybe the only competition it has in its beauty is coming from Italy who also has mastered of making glass beads for manufacturing of jewelry that can be worn both at parties and on regular occasions.

Many times the gold Indian jewelry will have a religious theme, which once upon a time was a constraint on the global market. However, today with the wide acceptance this symbolism and India’s religious philosophy catching the attention and the interest of people in USA and Europe, this is actually an advantage. The tourists are actually asking for ‘OM’ pendants, and other similar symbols which add value to the jewelry that he/she is buying.

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