What Do You Understand About Hip Hop Jewelry?

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Trends change even faster than the weather sometimes. The hip hop jewelry fashions bear full testimony that this statement is true. As per the definition of the hip hop jewelry – it all started in the 1980s when people all of a sudden took a closer look at their stars (music celebrities) and decided to imitate them off the stage.

The Eighties

The eighties saw the trend moving towards African style of dressing and the jewelry followed suit. The hat, which was worn a bit on the eyes, was also the craze during this period. The colors which dominated those times were the red, black and green (symbols of African brotherhood). The 90s saw ushered in a great deal of bright colored clothes and rap music capturing the market. The millennium again saw the trend changing towards more individualistic looks and paler looking clothes and hairdos.

The hip-hop fashion, as this imitation of stars is called, affected the jewelry market as well. The 80’s saw the people wearing ropes of plain gold with the standard goodwill (African) colors – red, black and green in order to show solidarity between the African populations throughout the world.

The nineties saw the introduction of platinum in the repertoire of hip hop jewelry as more and more stars (music) started wearing and flaunting it. As the platinum hip hop jewelry gathered momentum in the market, the silver hip hop jewelry made a great come-back after about of 10-15 years of dormancy.

The platinum hip hop jewelry was usually adorned with diamonds and fashioned mostly in religious type symbols which some still consider not in a very good taste. Music continued to be the centre of the attraction in the world and along with the hip hop jewelry and aligned fashioned is prospering.

Today, the hip hop jewelry has an added item, the diamond. The platinum jewelry with diamond is now the in-thing. As a result, silver hip hop jewelry with zircon set in the style of platinum has hit a new high. People, prefer for their daily use silver over the gold-plated jewelry that was just a decade back highly famous and in demand. It remains to be seen what the future holds for us tomorrow.

Whatever be the existing trend the hip hop jewelry is here to stay since the youngsters particularly love its versatility and the accentuated fashion statement it makes.

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