Gold Jewelry – Some Basic Tips For Its Care

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Women loved this precious metal back in the ancient times of Egypt and Inca; women love it as passionately today as well. Nothing has changed other than the date in the calendar and may be some of the designs that are in vogue.

Gold jewelry was and is loved specially for its malleability and non-reactivity to the elements of nature. The ornaments made out of this precious metal have adorned kings and queens from time immemorial. Normally, gold never looses its color, though it can become a bit dull at times with wear.

Simple Ways To Take Care Of Gold Jewelry At Home

Gold jewelry used everyday may, in due course of time, change its color to slightly reddish and/or other colors. Actually, it is not the color of the gold, which is changing, but that of the alloy that is mixed with the gold to make the jewelry. Most often, the easiest way to restore the beauty of the gold jewelry is to wash it with a mind detergent and a soft brush (like the toothbrush).

If the gold jewelry were very dirty, it would be good if it were soaked for 1-2 minutes before washing, in a solution of ammonia and water (1:6). It is important though, to have a polishing cloth standing by immediately with which you can start polishing the gold jewelry as soon as it comes out of the ammonia-water solution. Ensure that you are using for polishing the cloth that is especially recommended by goldsmiths for the polishing of gold jewelry.

A Few Important Don’ts When You Are Wearing Gold Jewelry

There are a few things that if avoided, you will enjoy your gold jewelry for a longer time, such as,

You should not wear gold when you are cleaning the house and are using different types of cleaning chemicals. Even harmless solutions like chlorine can deeply affect the color of the gold, making it lifeless.

Do not wear gold along with silver or other metals. All others metals are harder than gold, because of which, on friction, gold will be lost.

Do not apply facial lotions, hair dye, face & body bleaching, and other similar substances while wearing your gold jewelry.

Never remove your jewelry in the toilet/ bathroom anywhere. First it might slip out of your hand and roll down the drain before you could react and save it. Secondly, you might forget it on the sink after your wash your hands, risking loosing your gold forever.







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