The Beauty Of Bridesmaid Jewelry

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Planning a wedding can be very stressful. For the bride’s party, the focus is usually on the bride, as it should be. However, an important part of focusing on the bride is choosing attire for the bridesmaids that will complement the bride and will also tie the entire wedding party together.

Usually, when dressing the bridal party, the focus is on the bridesmaids’ dresses. It is very important for the bride to pick out dresses that she likes, as well as keeping in mind that her friends are going to have to wear the dresses, so they should be something that everyone will like wearing.

Most of the time, bridesmaid jewelry can be almost overlooked, or thought about as a last minute effort to make sure everyone matches. However, with a little planning, the bridesmaid jewelry can be designed to tie it all together to make for one very memorable day.


When choosing the bridesmaid jewelry, you should choose jewelry that matches the dresses and matches the overall wedding theme. However, it is also important that the bridesmaid jewelry does not overshadow the jewelry of the bride. The bridesmaid jewelry is meant to accentuate the bride. Therefore, bridesmaid jewelry should be simple and not too complex. The correct choice can make a bridal party extra stunning as they stand next to the beautiful bride.

It is a good idea to choose jewelry that the bridesmaids can wear even after the wedding. Remember, you are already making them pay for a dress that they will probably never wear again. At least with the jewelry, the bridesmaids can hopefully have something they will enjoy forever, instead of throw in a box and never look at again.


It might be a fun idea to take the bridesmaids to the store all together. You can all help to pick out the jewelry, which will make the bridesmaids enjoy it more and also have a little input into the whole idea of bridesmaid jewelry. If the entire bridal party goes along to pick out the bridesmaid jewelry, it can be a fun and bonding experience between the bride and her best girlfriends.

Another tip is to have the bride give the jewelry to her bridesmaids as a gift. This way, the bridesmaids do not have to pay for the jewelry, and it can also double as the traditional bridesmaids gifts. In this way, the bride can give her friends something that they can use in the wedding, but will also be something they can keep for years to come. After all, nothing makes a better keepsake then the bridesmaid jewelry they used in the wedding.





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