The Importance Of Bridal Jewelry

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On her wedding day, everything worn by the bride is carefully planned and full of meaning. There are traditions and superstitions especially attached to bridal jewelry.


Perhaps because jewelry is so long-lasting and so likely to become heirlooms that bridal jewelry figures so prominently as heralds of good or bad luck. A bride should not remove her wedding ring for one year to protect the love that placed it on her finger. The only remedy is to remove and replace the ring before leaving the place where the marriage took place. If this is done, she can safely remove the ring whenever she wants to.

A bride should never wear pearls on her wedding day. Although they are popular as bridal jewelry and as embellishment on the dress and veil, and old superstition predicts that her husband will give her a reason to cry for every pearl she wears on her wedding day.

Good Luck

Jewelry is a natural for the “something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue” tradition. An heirloom brooch or pendant from an older relative, especially one with a blue stone, is a terrific way to satisfy the spirits of good fortune. The bride should always borrow from a relative or friend with a happy marriage, of course.

Traditions specific to the bride or groom’s heritage often speak of good luck bridal jewelry. In Scotland, a bride receives a Luckenbooth Brooch to wear on their special day. Later, the brooch is pinned to the shawl of their first baby to protect it from evil spirits. The bride of Irish descent may appreciate a Claddagh Ring as a sign of devotion from her groom. The Claddagh Ring has a heart held in two hands topped with a crown. The heart symbolizes love, the hands are friendship and the crown is loyalty.

Of course, the most important piece of bridal jewelry is the wedding ring. Usually, the bride and groom have selected matching bands that show their own fashion style. Often, a hope for a prosperous marriage is shown in diamond studded bands while simpler bands might reflect the hope to make more spiritual qualities a high priority. Some couples might choose to design or even craft their own wedding bands.

Whatever kind of rings are chosen, the bride usually chooses the rest of her bridal jewelry to enhance it. Diamond bands mean diamond earrings. Silver rings mean silver jewelry. An heirloom ring will be accompanied by antique jewelry. For most brides, her bridal jewelry is the part of her wardrobe that will last forever.





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