A Look At Some Of The Most Popular Body Jewelry Styles On The Market Today

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Jewelry has always been a popular way to accessorize and decorate the human body. For thousands of years, mankind has used the glint of metal, the sparkle of stone, and the smoothness of wood and bone to decorate their bodies in the form of body jewelry. This trend continues into the modern era, where some of the best examples are being worn by some of the young people today. This article will discuss three of the most popular forms of jewelry today.

Example # 1: Ear Piercing

One of the most accepted styles of body jewelry seen today is that of the pierced ear. Just about everywhere you go you can find everyone from pre-teens to senior citizens sporting a pierced earlobe or two. This form of body jewelry is a great way to express your individuality while still flowing with the main stream of society.

Example # 2: Nipple Piercing

However, there is another option when it comes to body jewelry. Almost just as popular among certain portions of society is a nipple piercing. This type of body jewelry is often seen as a simple loop or something a little more ornate, depending on the desire of the person who is wearing it. In fact, it is often worn by both men and women. This type of body jewelry has been known to heighten the sensation of certain physical activities making it that much more popular.

Example # 3: Tongue Piercing

A third example of body jewelry that is quickly becoming more and more popular, especially with the younger generation is that of a tongue piercing. Again, both men and women have been known to sport this type of body jewelry, and the style worn can range from a simple stud to an ornate hoop that is just begging to be shown off.

A Word Of Caution About Body Jewelry

If you choose to take part in the body jewelry craze, make sure you do it in a safe manner. Always, and I cannot stress this enough, make sure that you get your piercing done at a reputable professional that uses both disposable and sterilized equipment. While having your friend bring you into world of body jewelry by piercing your ear might seem like a great idea, it does have the great potential for causing infection.

This jewelry craze will undoubtedly last for just as long as humans feel the need to decorate their bodies. Mankind will always want to adorn their bodies in some fashion, and this type of jewelry is a fantastic testament to that fact.








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