Beaded Jewelry: Do It Yourself Jewelry

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Most often, when you buy jewelry at the store, it’s all the same. By buying at the store, you stand a greater chance of someone else owning that exact same piece. With beaded jewelry, however, you can make your own customizable jewelry that is completely unique and fitting to your exact style. Making beaded jewelry is not very difficult and can, in fact, be a lot of fun.

To make your own beaded jewelry, you can find the materials at any hobby shop. The materials to make your own beaded jewelry come in a variety of colors and styles, making it even more unique to the individual. Making this kind of jewelry can be a great way to bond with friends or family as you sit around the dining room table making fully customizable jewelry that you either wear yourself, give away or you can even start your own beaded jewelry business.

Fully Customizable Bracelets, Necklaces And More

The types of beaded jewelry you can buy and make vary widely. The material used to string the beads together can be made out of wire, string or hemp. Each kind of material offers its own unique look. The beads, too, come in an array of colors and sizes. The beads can be small and white, large and brown or you can string a bunch of different beads together to make a sort of charm bracelet or necklace.

More Sentimental Than Traditional Jewelry

Custom made beaded jewelry is more sentimental than jewelry bought at the store. While definitely not as valuable as gold, silver or platinum, custom, homemade jewelry is an inexpensive way to make jewelry that is unique. Chances are, when you give a piece of jewelry that you made to someone, they’ve never seen that exact style before. With beaded jewelry, there’s a greater chance that no one has the same exact piece or style.

To make your own beaded jewelry, visit your local hobby store today and pick yourself up a beaded jewelry kit. It’s a great bonding experience between family and friends and, together, you can make literally dozens of unique pieces of jewelry. They make great, inexpensive gifts during the holidays or even at birthday parties. With beaded jewelry, you can have your own style and can also have the pride in knowing that all the jewelry you wear you made yourself.




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