Special Baby Jewelry For Your Little One

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For some, adorning their little one with baby jewelry is another way to dress their baby up for the world. Others may find the idea of baby jewelry ridiculous. Regardless of whether you approve or disapprove of baby jewelry, there are a few things to think about before making a decision one way or another.

Concerns About Baby Jewelry

One of the biggest concerns regarding baby jewelry is its safety. Generally, baby jewelry is made somewhat better than adult jewelry, at least in regards to its durability. It has to be a little more durable at least, to withstand the inevitable gumming it will get when it is put in the baby’s mouth. Once a baby turns into a toddler, it is probably not advisable to have bracelets or necklaces on them, simply because as a baby slowly turns into a toddler, every thing goes into their mouths, including that special baby jewelry.

Perhaps the most common type of baby jewelry is earrings. Some parents just can’t wait to pierce their baby’s ears once they are born. Others may find this practice offensive, simply because they think maybe the child should be able to have a say in whether they want their ears pierced or not. Either way, baby earrings are fairly easy to find, and at least the piercing of the ear is fairly quick and relatively painless after it is initially done.

When the phrase baby jewelry is used, often it can simply mean bracelets. Usually these baby bracelets are charm bracelets, or may have the baby’s name spelled out on them. Again, these definitely need to be used with care and caution, since babies do have a tendency to put things in their mouth, whether it is safe or not.

Items that are made specifically for babies, is usually hypoallergenic. This is mainly because a baby’s skin can be more delicate than an adult and easier to irritate. There is really no need to worry about irritation, unless your baby was born with multiple allergies, which may flare up from contact with certain items.

Whether you approve or disapprove of the use of baby jewelry, the fact is, a lot of parents like to buy baby jewelry for their children and adorn them with it. Using common sense and keeping a close watch on your baby if they are wearing any type of jewelry is a necessity to say the least.





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