Getting Started In Jewelry Design

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Are you looking for an interesting job that you can do for years? A job that pays well, has lots of good benefits, and is constantly changing? Can you imagine, on top of it all, that you could have a job in which you are able to exercise your creative skills, and make things that you truly enjoy? If so, you should definitely consider a career in jewelry design.

Not sure if jewelry design is right for you? Hopefully, after reading this article, you’ll decide differently. No other job on the planet allows you to use your creativity, allows for flexible work hours and allows you to produce beautiful pieces of jewelry. The best part is the feeling of adulation you’ll feel when you see someone wearing one of the pieces of jewelry you designed. That is what makes jewelry design well worth the money and effort required to get started.

Do You Have What It Takes?

To get started in design, it’s important to note that you shouldn’t quit your day job just yet. First, you have to decide if your skills are up to par. Many people who want to get started in jewelry design are so ambitious to get started that they forget to consider whether they are good enough to get their business off the ground.

The best indication of whether you have the skills for jewelry design is to offer your services to those you know. If you make jewelry for your friends and family and they love it and actually wear it, then you’ll know you have what it takes to be a jewelry designer.

To start, search the internet on how-to articles on how to make jewelry. Or, buy a jewelry making kit. Both ways will show you the ropes on how to make great jewelry.

Once you have some practice, you can take out a sketch pad and begin to create your own jewelry. In order to have a job in jewelry design, you should have a good sense of how to draw and design things first, or else a good head on your shoulders for simply putting them together. Once you have a good selection of jewelry that you have designed, you can try to sell them and make some money. If some of your pieces are discovered, you might be on your way to a career in jewelry design.

If you don’t want to design jewelry for yourself, but still want to work in the field, you can sign on with a company that makes jewelry. Much in the way that a sitcom needs several writers, a jewelry design firm needs several designers. That way, the marketing and selling is up to someone else, you are there simply to design jewelry.

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